Saturday, February 2, 2013

Children's Ministry Greeting Cards

I was so honored to be asked to create the greeting cards that our children's ministry at the church gives out. I wanted to share them with you. It is such a treat to create cards that are for kids and most assuredly a challenge to keep it gender neutral!

The Hearts a Flutter Stamp Set and Framelits Bundle was used for the above card.

This is a "thank you for visiting card." For this one card I can not take credit for the design. I cased it from this very talented paper crafter.

This next  photo is of a simple box I made to hold the cards.


  1. I guess I would write LITTLE LAMBS SO SOFT AND FAIR, rather than white and fair, because of the race thing. My kids in Minneapolis, even the little black girls would pick a white doll over a black doll when playing due to our lack of sensitivity to this kind of thing. Not that you meant any harm, I know......just a suggestion!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. I didn't even think of that. When I read it saying white and fair I do not think of race, I think of how the Bible refers to God's children as sheep and white being symbolic for purity and innocent. I believe that is what the stamp was intended to mean as well.
      No harm intended but I do see your point and how that can be misunderstood. I will keep that in consideration. Thank you for speaking up! :-)