Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Silhouettes

So I just received my Stampin' Up demonstrator package today and couldn't wait to get started on the crafting. That's what it is all about anyways, right!?
I am really on this kick right now about how you can do so much with just a little. And that can be hard to remember in an age where "it seems" more is better. Let's face it, there are a TON of great crafting products out there but we just can't afford it all! I hear all the time, "I really want to paper craft but it is just so expensive.
Well in the days to come I want to show you what you can do with very little product. Starting with this little cutie.

For this card I used:

This is what I like about these products: With a stamp set there are so many possibilities. With paper, although great and sometimes you just gotta have that pretty sheet of it, once you cut into it you are done. You don't get anymore of it and that stresses me out. Sometimes I don't even use a paper I buy because I don't want it to be gone. I know I am not the only one out there who does that!!
But there are so many great stamp sets that you just gotta have too. The nice thing about them is that after you use it, it will still be there to make many more projects with.

Stamp pads: Do you know you can get multiple colors out of just one stamp pad?! Let me show you. There are many different names for this technique, I usually call it second and third generation stamping. Sometimes you can even get a fourth.

So what you do is just ink your stamp and stamp once, twice, three times or maybe even four. Very simple. For example. If you want the second color of the blue, ink your stamp, stamp it on a scratch paper and then immediately to the project you are working on. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this little post on Stampin in the Sunshine.
If you are interested in any of the product you have seen here please visit my Stampin Up store HERE.
The first person to place a $50 order will receive a free spool of riding hood red stripped grosgrain ribbon. 10yds!!


  1. EEKS! I love it! So excited for you! Love your blog and your post. Very Nice!

  2. Way to go new Friend!! Sensational Work

    1. Wendy and Nikki Thanks so much!!

  3. Love your blog header...soooo pretty! And so is your card....great job all the way around...look forward to seeing more from you!